“Seven years have a game art” … Surprise gift of shovel article

“7 years take a game art.”

The developer of the advertisement of the cultual popular indie game The fact that the Yacht Club Games has been deployed through Creative Commons 4.0 licenses for seven years.

The Yacht Club Games announced this fact in the announcement of its new project “Mina, more” registered in Krawau Funding site on the past 2 days. Therefore, it seems that the purpose of the new development of new work is also achieved.

In the announcement, the Yacht Club Games announced the background of the game art deployment. Yacht Club Games (Art Deployment) In fact, we have been ancient times for a long time. The first time this idea was presented was the “Shovel” kickstart campaign, “he said.

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“At that time, someone told someone that a participant in the game production competition used Art as a reference. The participant has made his game to see our game. I liked to help other game developers like this (as our work). From such a dimension, we finally made our dreams, “he said.

This is a series of “shovels: buried treasures> to be completed for seven years until the completion of the series is the” all “pixel art work. The total capacity reaches about 1 GB. The capacity of the compression file that must be downloaded is 747 MB. ( link)

Yacht Club Games is “1GB to modern game development standards may appear to be not a large capacity, but this is because it is pixel art. It is usually a few kilobytes per file. It is very vast data, all of which are all. “

This includes not only completed pixel art, as well as all animations, backgrounds, and menus, including all animations, backgrounds, and menus, which were used in production. The production team said, “If the snow is sharp, it will be able to discover the game content that is cut.”

Finally, the yacht club Games “trees hunters are globally, luck. I hope you have a good time while digging the art archive. This is expected to help you to help your future game development, “he said.

Creative Commons Licensing (CCL) is a Nonprofit Creative Creative Commons. The CC 4.0, which appeared since 2013, is a convention that is designed to be used in the world, and the Game Art is specifically applicable to CC BY-NC 4.0 licenses.