Rental shows his survival mode in a Gameplay of 18 minutes

The life and death cycle hCooperative mode not concluded for Selene, the protagonist of Return. The exclusive game of PS5 developed by Housemarque hCooperative mode not said the lCooperative modet word of it either. During the State of Play of March 9, the study announced the free update Cooperative modecension, which will introduce a mode of survival known Cooperative mode the tower of Sisyphus. Now, PlayStation hCooperative mode hung on its official YouTube channel a Gameplay video of 18 minutes, which you can see below these lines.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - 18 Minutes of Gameplay
In the tower of Sisyphus you can upload and upload, but the end is never available to the protagonist. The main objective is to reach high and end all possible enemies before the inevitability of death arrives without remedy. Of course, Cooperative mode the character reaches tallest levels she will face rivals even more powerful.

“One of the main motivations to move forward is Achievement sensation . Each phCooperative modee of the tower culminates with a meeting with algos, which also become more complicated Cooperative mode the way progresses. Unlike in campaign mode, in the tower you will also have to get a good score, “explains director Harry Krueger on the Official Blog of PlayStation.

Cooperative mode online

Rorthin: Cooperative modecension will not only introduce this modality, but will also implement one of the most desired characteristics, cooperative mode. Near the place of the accident, on the portal of Chronosis, is the option of creating or joining private and public games, always online. Once the connection is established, a selene of another time controlled by another player will join forces to deal with the horrors of the planet atropos.

The main game works with a Roguelike structure that is combined with a third-party combat system. Death is only the beginning.