Dozens of developers have left The Initiative in the last year

As they report from VGC, half of the main development team of The Initiative , something that involves around 34 people as they have confirmed through their LinkedIn profiles. The news arrives shortly after knowing that Dan Neuburger , Director until the moment of the expected reboot of Perfect Dark , had left the studio, and recently there was the turn of Ian Miller (Senior Designer) Ian Davis (head of animation of Gameplay).

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The British medium has been able to contact several of the Senior developers, which among the reasons for this exodus mentioned “the lack of creative autonomy and the slow progress of development”, in addition to pointing out that this rapid wave of departures has caused the impulse of Its project has been seen “severely affected”. In addition, they describe the hierarchy of the study as very “upward down”, with Gallagher and Neuburger maintaining a strong control over creative decisions, and workers were not listened when they spoke about issues such as priorities or project planning. As a result, development has advanced “painfully slow” and a solid business culture was never created.

Beyond those mentioned, in February last year was Drew Murray, director of design, who left the company to return to Insomniac Games, as well as Chris O’Neill (level designer), Jolyon Myers (manager of world Building), Two designers of systems or three outdoors from God of War. LinkedIn’s analysis also talks about other positions that have abandoned the study, as two writers with an important role, the technical director of the project, the Director of Technical Art, the main engineer of the game or the quality control leader.

In the last year, 12 new hires and study staff have been carried out with less than 50 employees.

“It is not an easy task to build a study and reinvent a dear franchise,” explains Darrell Gallagher, director of The Initiative, to VGC. “On this trip, it is not uncommon that there are changes in the staff, especially during a time of global agitation in the last two years, and there is much more work ahead to offer a fantastic experience with Perfect Dark. We wish all our ancient colleagues, and I trust the team we have, in the new talents that come together, and we are eager to share more with the fans, “concludes the director.