Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets a new hotfix and adds a very requested PC option

A new hotfix for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been published today, updating the multiplayer and Warzone aspects of the game. Not only does a new weapon are available in all modes, but a feature that has been strongly requested by the PC community was finally implemented. We have complete update notes below.

In what will undoubtedly be the most important news of the update, PC players are now able to uninstall specific packages to lighten the overall size of the Modern Warfare file. Since it now exceeds 200 GB, fans will not fail to seize this opportunity. And although this is not mentioned in the update notes, the JAK-12 pump rifle has been added to the multiplayer and Warz1. Fixes about the new subway system and changes in the playlist are also available.

_ Updating the playlist: _

_Userre modern: _

  • _Storer
  • Shooting
  • Domination Match to Death + Larging Zone
  • Heu of firearms tdm
  • HQ Firefight – The teams can increase their score by capturing the headquarters and also by eliminating

_Warzone: _

  • Suppressing Quads Blood Money
  • _Add looting quarters

_ General fixes: _

  • Correction of a problem where the “next unlock” section displayed the attachments in the disorder
  • Correction of a problem where teammates could appear in a closed room during broadcast
  • _Correction of a bug where the display of the “nevermore” execution in the menu could sometimes cause the animal model.

  • Correction of a bug where the grenades could fall through the ground in the office of the foreman at the MIALSTOR tanks factory
  • Correction of a lighting problem with the “Gilded Arm” variant of the Battle Pass of the season Six
  • _Correction of a problem where players could undergo a crash after reaching the wave 45 or more in survival mode
  • Improving stability for PC

_ Weapons: _


  • Reduction of minimum damage remotely on the SP-R 208 in Warzone


  • Correections to help improve volume levels with the WAR TRACKS cursor
  • _Correct laws to prevent players from dying by finishing the subway puzzle
  • Correction of a bug preventing players from accessing the bunker 11
  • Correction of a gas mask bug when players were trying to finish the station puzzle
  • _Correction of a bug where the use of a self-stimulus near the doors of the metro line, they will come off from the train but will always be transferred to the next station.
  • Correction of a collision bug near the entrance of the underground route on the west side of the airport
  • If a player dies after closing the doors of the metro wagon, it will be pulled out of the goulag by the fast moving system and brought back into the goulag for a match once it’s his turn. This has been corrected
  • Correction of a problem where the player’s view could be moved by force when the exit of a vehicle or parachuting
  • Correction of a bug where players could undergo a crash after engaged with a bounty contract

What do you think of the last Call of Duty patch: Modern Warfare? Sound in the comments section below.

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