All Drink Recipes in the DRINK-A Event

Work Bartender in Angel’s Share gives a traveler another skill in which he immediately becomes a master. Unlocking each drink requires multiple trial and errors, as some recipes require mixing them before they become available. Some requests of characters can be quite specific, but these are all drinks recipes in the Event “Dreams” in Genshin Impact.

All Drink Recipes

When unlocking recipes, some of them are automatically unlocked as quests during the event passing during the event. In the manufacture requested symbol drinks, they may ask for drinks, which stronger , Swealth or Kisel . It simply requires the use of an additional ingredient from the recipe table.

All coffee recipes

  • Ateneum – Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • Golden Eden – coffee, coffee, milk
  • Night of circling stars – coffee, milk, milk
  • caramel bump – coffee, milk, caramel
  • Moon Alley – Coffee, Milk, Cocoa Pasta
  • Family Reef – coffee, coffee, carbonated water

All tea recipes

  • scholar day – tea, tea, milk
  • bright crown – tea, milk, milk
  • Boreal Watches – Tea, Milk, Mint
  • Laughter and joy – tea, milk, cocoa paste
  • Tart gloss – tea, tea, lemon
  • Foggy garden – tea, tea, tea
  • Love poem – tea, milk, caramel

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All juice recipes

  • Sweet Syra Lake – Juice, Milk, Milk
    Dawn dew – juice, juice, carbonated water
  • Dar Barbatos – juice, carbonated water, mint
  • Sunset Gray Valley – Juice, Juice, Juice
  • Snow-covered Kiss – Juice, Juice, Milk
  • Birch juice – juice, juice, lemon

all mixtures recipes

  • night stroke – coffee, tea, milk
  • Twilight – tea, juice, juice

Character Request Recipes

  • Kaya – coffee, milk, cocoa paste in a big cup.
  • Rosary – any recipe for tea in a small or medium cup.
    Dlyuk – juice, juice, juice of any size.
    Lisa – tea, milk, caramel, caramel in the middle cup. (Triple caramel is also suitable for this request)
    Jean ** – any coffee recipe in the middle cup.
  • Zhongli – a four-seater or five-seater tea of ​​any size.
  • Shenhe – juice, juice, milk in any size.
    Yula – coffee, coffee, carbonated water in a small cup.

All 21 Drink Recipes Unlocked & Secret Recipes | Get Binge Vessel Namecard In Of Drink A-Dreaming
Ningong – juice, juice, lemon, lemon in a small cup.
* Baidow – tea, juice, juice in a big cup.

When performing tasks for the event, it is important to track when customers are asking for additional ingredients. Just as the character asked for drinks, it usually requires the addition of one additional ingredient to the recipe.

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