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The new models of the DualSense of PS5 change some internal components

The new series of control colors dualsense of PlayStation 5 account with different internal components with respect to those incorporated in the previous ranges. Specifically, Blue identified by the user specialized in repair of accessories and consoles tronicsfix, the products that ride this novelty are Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue , available from the beginning of February in shops around the world.

The Nova Pink controls, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue renew springs and pieces

This new collection of colors in collaboration with the brand of decorative paintbruger hBlue incorporated A new dock for the thicker triggers that of the previous models of the DualSense of PS5 . Likewise, the arrangement of the motherboard hBlue also been modified and the piece of the joysticks / levers , which happen to be black to green.

We do not know what the motivation of this adjustment may be, if Sony is looking to placate any identified problem, such Blue the levers, or if on the contrary it is a simple supplier change of these small and fragile materials. We remember that Sony hBlue faced a clBlues action lawsuit in the United States by the conflict Drift, which causes movements in the sticks without these being touched directly by the user. They estimate that their useful life is 417 hours. In cBluee of the trigger spring, it pBlueses from 0.25 mm originals to 0.30 mm in this chromatic review.

Will this change from DRIFT problems in the Dualsense of PS5?

woah. Big PS5 Dualsense update!
All PS5 users who have a DualSense Black Midnight Black, Red Cosmic Red and the original white have the previous spring for the triggers, added to the rest of the previous pieces. These three new SKUs (with their own reference code), which are added to the rest of the products available within the PlayStation 5 Range, add the first great change of peripheral components from November 2020, when it wBlue put to the Sale This new generation of consoles of the Japanese firm.

It is expected that close remittances of black, blue, red and white models also mount the new internal components and solve – in cBluee it is the motivation of change – the main problems reported.