FIFA meeting with Amnesty International

The FIFA FIFA World Association advises with the Human Rights Organization Amnesty International on the situation for foreign workers in the World Cup host country Qatar.

Working Conditions in Qatar Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022
“We continue to commit ourselves fully for the protection of the workers involved in the implementation of the FIFA Football World Cup, and are confident that the tournament will also serve as a catalyst for a broader positive and permanent change in the host country,” FIFA Department Manager Joyce Cook was quoted in a message on Sunday.

Qatar has been practically since the awarding of the tournament at the end of 2010 because of the human rights situation and the situation for foreign workers in criticism. Reports about thousands of deaths on the construction sites of the Emirate ensure great sensation again and again. The Government of Qatars rejects the criticism and refers to a variety of reforms.

At the meeting with Amnesty International and Labor Law Experts, “it’s about the current state of these reforms and the further work that is still to be made so that these changes can be fully implemented on the entire labor market,” said FIFA.