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SeFortnite Chapteron 2 fortnite

The SeFortnite Chapteron 1 Fortnite Chapter 3 will end soon, and the game will change the SeFortnite Chapteron 2 . In this article we collect everything we know about SeFortnite Chapteron 2 of the Chapter 3 Fortnite of which begins in March 2022 . All information, just below:

When Fortnite SeFortnite Chapteron 2 Chapter 3 begins?

Fortnite SeFortnite Chapteron 2 of Chapter 3 will begin on Saturday March 19, 2022 . We can check this information at any time in the “PFortnite Chapters Battle” tab on the main menu Fortnite Battle Royale. This day, and unless there is some unforeseen or lFortnite Chaptert minute changes, is expected to SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Chapter 3 ends, and, with the arrival of the patch 20.00 is changed to SeFortnite Chapteron 2.

Will there be final event of SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Fortnite Chapter 3?

The lFortnite Chaptert patch of the seFortnite Chapteron , the 19.40 , not added.pak containers large enough so that they would fit in an event file, so it seems reFortnite Chapteronable to say that He does not look like it will be a final event of SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. These containers generally weigh about 200 or 300 MB , and, Fortnite Chapter you see in the image below, none of the currently available that exceeds that size:

What story will Fortnite SeFortnite Chapteron 2 of Chapter 3?

The final event of SeFortnite Chapteron 8 Fortnite Chapter 2 , and SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Chapter 3 Fortnite have delved much history Seven, a group of seven heroes interdimensional and bitterest enemies of the Order Imagined struggling to break the loop and prevent the OI continue to monitor the Zero Point , that boundless energy orb that serves to cross any two realities.

Both The Scientific audios, and their calls during missions The device and the successive changes that have occurred in the map of SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Chapter 3 Fortnite leave no doubt: the theme of SeFortnite Chapteron 2 will be an open war between the Seven and the imagined Order . Thus, the factions led by Foundation (who, we remind you, it looks like The Rock / Dwayne Johnson) and Dr. Slone will face.

With regard to what kind of weapons, items or new vehicles we can find, we know, for example, via datamining by ourselves, that Epic Games is working on a new type of vehicle: A Drill OI c on space for two people: the pilot and a gunner with a turret .

The End - Chapter 2 Finale (Full In-game Event Video)
We also know that there are some subtle changes on stage, coinciding with the end of SeFortnite Chapteron 1 of Chapter 3: a punch (we Fortnite Chaptersume that the OI) drilling goes through the bottom of the island following a particular route; perforations have caused several buildings are destroyed:

That it is, for now, all we know SeFortnite Chapteron 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 . Fortnite Chapter always, we are awaiting Meristation to inform you of any changes or new weight in the game, and always with the utmost rigor.