[Game & Culture] Maple Orchestra Performance, Not difficult

For users who love the game, ‘Game Music Performance’ is a kind of festival. I can see so familiar music from my favorite game to a large orchestra’s performance, and I can not be a precious time for the game fans.

But even this time that is difficult to value, I have thought that at least I have not been a place with me. Although it was already held in Korea, offline performances, such as StarCraft, League of Legend, such as League of Legend, but in fact, whenever I encounter such news, I am worried that “I do not know” This is because I heard this first.

Game music (BGM), the background music (BGM), which is common, is a role in the situation and story of the game on the game play screen, and it was the role of adding the game “fun of the game.. The game music that listens alone through the speakers is that when I was impressed when I was impressed, I was impressed when I was impressed, but I was aware of some of the best appreciation skills and the balance of the more advantage of a better admiral skills and contributors. I could not erase the image of many solid culture to be careful.

Then, there is a chance to watch the ‘Symphony of Maple Story’ orchestra performed by the game music performances held by Nexon. ‘From the past to the present, the history of the present (Past and Present)’ is a tremendous theme of “Past and Present”, which was a place to listen to the orchestra performance of professional conductors and 60 large-scale organizers.

Maple Story - 8th Anniversary Video

This time, of course, the vague is ahead. If you do not know the game preview, you do not know the orchestra performance. After watching the performances, it was like a “1 part and two programs), and it was a high performance, which was a highest performance that is not a professional,” he said, “he said.

At the same time, however, this orchestra also had a gamer that loves the game, as long as it is tied to a single category called ‘Games’. Since the perception of the game music performance, since 2015, he will show a gamem friendly performance, which has been achieved by Nexon, which has accumulated several know-how, such as hosting the game music concert of the in-house band, I thought about it.

I was investigating ahead of the performance, and Nexon has already had a successful experience of performing an orchestra performance prepared by celebrating the 15th anniversary of Maple Story in 2018. I looked at the “best performances of” the best performing “that was left to see when watching the performance at the time. Although there was a lot of these things, there were a lot of jobs, but eventually I went to the “Lotte Concert Hall”, which was achieved by enjoying the music itself with a comfortable heart, and the performance was held.

Despite the time that the scheduled performance was on a time, the concert hall lounge was already full of many maple story users. With a ticket, you can receive a privileged item coupon prepared for performing audiences, or purchasing a program book, to prepare for a performance, and stand in a special photo gone in the field, and leave a certified shot with your friends, etc. I was able to see enjoying it.

If you say that it is called an orchestra performance, there was some difficult and hard impression that you have to be in a suit with a suit, but this day, the performance of this day is a festival where you like the same game, share the same interests, I was close. Nexon also thought that users would have prepared for a performance, and that they would have been able to meet in a long time, and they would have been preparing for the same experience, In the facial expression of users who are waiting for smiling and floating in the field, they could not find a nervous or rigid color that it was a orchestra.

In this day, a Maple Story OST has been played over a total of 40 songs. From the past OST to the most recent OST, the most recently published OST was a full lineup.

In the first program, the Maple Story has been filled with the songs of the home and calm tone, such as the theme of the hometown of the beginning of the beginning of the beginner, and the theme of the beginning of the beginner, Even if there is no knowledge of the king, it was easy to understand that even if there was no knowledge related to the beginning of the “warming up” step to announce the beginning of the entire program.

In the midst of the part of the part, ‘This is the orchestra!’ It seems to be a large-scale summary that several instruments add sounds together. The most impressive thing was the moment “The Bloody Cage” was played. Even though there are still a number of copies in this time, applaudings have been covered throughout the venue. Although it is a good idea that it does not applaud between the volume and the movement, it has been a good idea, but the performance was a free atmosphere that was not entangled by this rigid regulation or custom. I also put it in my heart, and I did not applause with other audiences as much as I was impressed.

▲ The Bloody Cage “, which was a few times better when I was playing an orchestra

After a break of a 20-minute relaxation, the second part of the Simply of Maple Story performed was filled with the tasteless songs that have a variety of tones, which are the idea of ​​the ‘Orchestra.’ In the orchestra, we were able to admire a rather unfamiliar electronic guitar, classical guitar, bass, drums, such as a band configuration, and a perforated, more enriched game OST performance.

The most impressive part was the only moment in the entire program, the only one was the “Hanwha”, which was the only Korean, The violin solo of the violin solo that plays in front of the conductor is that it seems to be surprised that it sounds like the sound of the traditional Korean traditional muscle in Korea. I did not have a lot of music in the traditional orchestra knowledge, but I could not be a very satisfactory moment that I could hear the music that was familiar in the game.

In addition, there was a performance that had an animated video and a game video that introduces the background of each song through a screen in the stage in the stage, and a game image that introduces each song,.

After watching this performance, I thought that the linking ring of ‘game’ was easier and comfortable to have a culture that I felt hard and hardly hard to have a little hard and hard. It will be able to see the orchestra performance that seems to have not been a lifelong tongue, so the game has also been anticipated that the game will be able to achieve more valuable cultural exchanges in a variety of areas.

‘Game Music Performances’ now seem to be fully settled as another enjoyment that gamers can enjoy. As I did, as I did before I did this performance, if I was worried about the jerky, I worried about the worries, and I hope you will try it yourself. If the gamers are interested in a variety of challenges of the game, they may be able to find more various aspects of my favorite games in another field that I did not really think.