Logan Paul confirmed for WWE 2K22 DLC

Logan Paul will be a playable character at WWE 2K22, as confirmed WWE and 2K Sports on Thursday. Alignments for games, several DLC packets launched as part of a press release and Paul will be available as part of the “complete package” on July 19. The statement said: “Regular content updates subsequent to launch until July to include Ronda Rousey»., Machine Gun Kelly, Logan Paul and more. 2K today presented the roadmap for subsequent content updates * at WWE 2K22, with the favorite WWE superstars of fans, famous guests, legends and several emerging stars of NXT that make their debut in the franchise. In total, five content packages will be available after the launch with 28 new playable characters, which will provide new content players for the coming months. Subsequent content packages are available for individual purchase, while the complete package set is included with the season pass, Luxury Edition and NWO 4-Life 2K22 NWO 2K22 NWO Edition.

The additions of notable celebrities of the post-launch content include the executive producer of the Soundtrack of WWE 2K22, Machine Gun Kelly, as well as the personality of Social Networks Logan Paul, who is currently scheduled for a combat in Wrestlemania with his partner Team The Miz against the WWE 2K22 cover equipment. The superstar King Mysterio and the son of him, Dominik Mysterio, “he continued. Other outstanding post-launch playable characters include «the most bad woman on the planet» Ronda Rousey, Doink the Clown, Knight, Mr. T, Rob Van Dam, Stacy Keibler, Cactus Jack, The British Bulldog, Umaga, Yokozuna, and Doudrop ».

Paul has made several appearances in the WWE over the years, especially in wrestlemania 37 when he was on the corner of Sami Zayn during Zayn’s combat with Kevin Owens. After Zayn lost, Paul would receive an Owens Stunner. YouTuber and Boxer is reserved for WRESTLEMANIA 38 form team with The Miz to face both King Mysterio (the WWE 2K22 cover star) and Dominik Mysterio. The appearance of him in the game became trend in Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

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The package that will include Paul also includes Rob Van Dam, Machine Gun Kelly, Knight, Xia Li and Commander Azeez. The game is scheduled for its general launch on Friday. What downloadable player do you have more desire to use? Will you play like Paul or prepare matches against him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!