Elden ring sword of the night and flame

Elden Ring is not yet outside, but players have already received a pretty good idea of ​​which weapons are above average and should be rebuilt to absolutely decimate the bosses of Elden Ring. The murdered (and for good reason) is the build “sword of the night and flame”.

This impressive straight sword – causing physical and either magical or fire damage – has one of the best weapons capabilities in the game: night and flame attitude. During use, players can choose whether they either fire a concentrated magic beam causing devastating single goal damage, or a bleaching flame attack that burns everything on their way. Speedrunner has already become accustomed to this weapon in their initial routing efforts as moths on a flame. So if it’s good enough for the professionals, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

The best thing about the night and the flame is that it can be taken up very early in the game, so that the players have to go to the Caria Manor in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes – you can become the sword of the night and watch flame place, if you It has not yet picked up. But what is the ELDEN ring sword of the night and flame build to maximize his potential? Well, you are lucky, because we have the full overview here.

Elden ring sword of night and flame

The build sword of the night and flame requires Choose one of the most important scaling statistics of the sword in which you can invest a lot . While classes in Elyden Ring normally do not play a role over the early levels, there is one with which they can achieve the minimum requirements of this monstrous weapon faster than the others. The best class for a Sword of Night and Flame Build in Elden Ring is the Confessor .

The sword of the night and the flame has four different value skills: starch, skill, intelligence and faith. With only 12 strength and skill, the basic statistics of the Confessor fulfill these criteria perfectly. This offers a much easier leveling path to the much fleshiger 24 intelligence and belief needed to serve the sword.

With only 25 statistical points required to achieve the minimum requirements, the confessor can properly use the sword at level 35 (without statistics enhancing effects of talismans or large runes).

Sword of the night and flame priority

How To Get The BEST Sword In Elden Ring EARLY! The Sword Of Night And Flame

Thus, the scaling of the sword develops the night and the flame when it is reinforced with gloomy forgings.

| Strength | Skill | Intelligence | Faith | Arcane

Standard | E | E | D | D | –
+1 | E | E | D | D | –
+2 | E | E | C | C | –
+3 | E | E | C | C | –
+4 | E | E | C | C | –
+5 | E | E | C | C | –
+6 | E | E | C | C | –
+7 | E | E | C | C | –
+8 | E | E | C | C | –
+9 | E | E | C | C | –
+10 | E | E | B | B | –

With the damage scaling of the single target beam with intelligence and the flame shaft with faith, you should give one or the other priority, depending on which part of the night and flame attitude they prefer. We personally believe that the beam is the place where this sword really shines, so we would recommend to decide for intelligence. You should also immerse yourself in the mind to increase your ability to use the night and flame attitude by strengthening your FP.

In which order do you want to level your statistics? Now, step one should be to increase their energy up to mid-20 to survive the early game – especially if they are a less experienced player. From there you should try to meet the minimum requirements of the sword.

Once you have the necessary statistics (if you choose to level Vigor, you should be about Level 50), work to bring your mind to 20 if you start with the levels of the weapon. In addition, bring either their intelligence or faith (depending on which part of the attitude they prefer) on the soft upper limit of 60.

For example, a Confessor build, which prioritizes the beam of the sword, should look like Level 100:

  • Force: 29 (+19)
  • Spirit: 20 (+7)
  • Stamina: 10
  • Strength: 12
  • Skill: 12
  • Intelligence: 60 (+51)
  • Faith: 24 (+10)
  • Arcane: 12 (+3)

Although the sword alone should trivialize a large part of the content in Elden Ring, we would also recommend to throw a few points in Arcane so that they can use some of the incredibly strong dragon conjectures available through the offer of Dragon Hearts in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion – especially Rotten Breath. There is some flexibility as you level statistics based on the talismans you are using. If you may have the Stargazer heirloom, which increases their intelligence by five, do not be afraid to invest these additional points for more lasers in mind. And let’s go, the best Sword of Night and Flame Build, which is currently in Elden Ring. Now your statistics are optimally distributed, may the earth tree be gracious to your enemies as you break them with one of the top ranks on our ranking of the Elden Ring weapons.