3. League: eleven points deduction for TurkGücü Munich confirmed

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The DFB has confirmed the deduction of a total of eleven points for the financially battered third division TurkGücü München. The specialist group Game companies of DFB GmbH & Co. KG dismissed the two contradictions of the club. Thus, Turkkücü with currently 18 meters remains at the end of the table. The deduction consists of two sanctions. Nine points are deducted because of the insolvency application made at the end of January, another two due to a circulation violation. The Munich had contradicted against both penalties, each success. Articles and videos about the topic * 3. League: BTSV consolidates relegation rank three * All 380 games of the 3rd league live in magenta sport – also in the conference The decisions are not final. Against the nine-point deduction, the club can inside the DFB Bureau within a week. The two-point deduction is the opposition period for three days.