Magic: The Gathering prohibits new letters in various formats

Magia: The meeting Wizards of the Coast of today announced its prohibitions and restrictions as usual, although there is a strong emphasis on the “prohibitions” here and there are literally no restrictions. In addition, although there is usually at least one or two inputs for standard, the most popular tournament format, the last ad has updates for Pioneer, Modern and Pauper. In particular, the Lurus of the Dream-Den card is prohibited from both Pioneer and Modern, as of today, March 7. And they are not the first formats in seeing a ban on Lurus.

“As is usually the case in the largest non-rotating formats, there are already strong incentives to include as many cheap and efficient letters as possible in their deck due to the speed of the format and a variety of other pressures,” says the advertisement in reference. To Lurus. Presence in modern. “Lurrus increases these incentives by providing a powerful additional resource that helps alleviate the weakness to fill your deck with cheaper letters and often less shocking as the games advance. For too many archetypes, Lurus is not a compensation, but purely additive. «

In general terms, the announcement also indicates that, although Lurus has been an important goal here, it is still considered that the other colleagues are in a healthy place within the metajame. That said, they continue to be monitored given their chance to have a huge impact. The complete list of prohibitions and the like made today is then collected, taken directly from the source:


  • Lurus of the Dream-Den is prohibited.


  • Lurus of the Dream-Den is prohibited.


  • The galvanic relay is prohibited
  • Disciple of the vault is forbidden.
  • Expedition Map is not banned.

Major MTG Ban Hits 3 Formats - March 7, 2022 - Banned And Restricted Update For Magic: The Gathering
More generally, Magia: the meeting The newest expansion set of ES KAMIGAWA: Neon Dynasty. The next set of expansion, _Calles of New Capenna is scheduled to start launch events at the store on April 22, launch in arena mtg and magia online on April 28 and then launched around the world on April 29. You can check all our previous magia coverage: the meeting in general right here.

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