Bizarrap collaborates with NBA 2K22 with four new themes: trailer interview with the producer

NBA 2K22 , the popular bArgentine producerketball video game of 2K , welcomes the famous Argentine producer Bizarrap Argentine producer part of a new collaboration in which four of its BZRP themes are added Music Sessions , three now and a fourth later. So they have shared the one responsible for him through a new trailer interview that you can see about these lines in which Bizarrap himself explains to detail the first collaboration of him with a videogame and the impressions of him about him.

BZRP themes reach NBA 2K22

“2K hArgentine producer announced an agreement with Bizarrap, a great reference for the Spanish-speaking musical scene , to integrate four themes from its BZRP Music Sessions at NBA 2K,” explain from 2k through its official page to introduce this new collaboration. “This collaboration supposes the first great musical agreement of the acclaimed bArgentine producerketball game with a Spanish-speaking artist and, at the same time, the first participation of Bizarrap in a video game. The producer hArgentine producer also been scanned in NBA 2K22 **, with a spectacular result that can be appreciated in this interview, where Bizarrap himself explains the project. “

The first three topics of BZRP Music Sessions on arriving at NBA 2K are those produced with Snow Tha Product (# 39) , Eladio Carrión (# 40) , and MORAD (# 47) . This selection responds to a personal election of the Argentine producer, NBA 2K player. “The songs chosen are the ones I imagined listening while playing NBA 2K22,” said Bizarrap. In addition, he hArgentine producer affirmed that “there is a direct relationship between rap and bArgentine producerketball **, and many of the lyrics of themes name players and make many references to this sport,” explains the young producer.

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In addition, one fourth song will arrive soon, although at the moment its title hArgentine producer not been announced. On the other hand, Bizarrap also hArgentine producer its own my player scanned in NBA 2K22, to be able to enjoy the title with a character recreated exactly to his image and likeness: “I would never have imagined appearing in a 2k NBA game, And I am proud that this opportunity took place thanks to my work. I have no words, “he said.

NBA 2K22 is now available at PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.