Steel Series, Console Game Introduction to Help Moltered

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\ – Domestic console game market 1 trillion won… Console Peripheral Equipment Course Continuous

\ – Headset, Thumbtaste, etc. Gaming Gear for Immersion of Console Game ‘Eye’

As the Corona 19 is spreading ‘Cock’ culture, the people who enjoy the console game are increasing. This is because Demand is soaring, such as PS5, such as hardware generations and new console games, and the unprecedented growth of the software that is released.

In fact, according to the ‘2021 Korean Game White Paper‘, which was published by the Korea Content Promotion Agency, in 2021, the domestic console game market expected increased by 17.3% YoY to W281.5bn.

This is, the console game is also continuing to be a peripheral device. For example, PS5 has been launched for a year, but it is continuing to be sold out in the case of a piece of Artis 7p +, which was released as a PS5 optimization headset, and is also involved in early out of sales in a month.

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This year, this year, Nexon’s , and Neop’s are ahead of the release, and the console game software market is expected to grow, such as Sony acquires the game development company.

This seems to be expanding with the console game time. According to the ‘2021 Korean Game White Paper’ published by Korea Content Promotion Agency, the average time of console game in 2021 is 52.8 minutes on weekdays, and the weekend is 94.4 (50.3 minutes on weekdays, 93.5 minutes week).

Console Game Introduces console game specialization gaming gears that can be used for a long time for gamers for gamers that are in 2022, which is ahead of the release of the console game.

PS5 Tempest 3D Complete Compatible Steel Series ‘Artis 7P +’

Steel Series provides a fully compatible PS special headset with the PS5 Tempest 3D audio, providing an immersive sense of sound, and it does not make your ears easily. The design is a clean design and a cool blue line with a clean design of white to match the PS 5 colors.

In addition, acetic 7P + can enjoy a game for more than 30 hours by a single charge, and a ‘rapid charge’ feature that can be used for about 3 hours by 15 minutes using a USB-C type. Particularly, if you are immersed in the game, you will naturally make your hair and your ear ‘sweat’ in your ears, and the ski goggles of Steel Sirizis, with adjustable hair bands, with a ski goggles band with excellent elasticity with a superb band.

This product has been sold in the first prisoner and was added to March.

‘Controlfrick’ that is available for a long time with the best grip

Is it the most important thing in the console game, If you want to find a fleeting grip, you will recommend “Controlfrick”, a “Controlfrick”, a “Controlfrick” that launched in December last year. Performance thumbscasts add up to 11.3mm height on existing controller sticks to enlarge the operating range to provide high precision and excellent grip.

In addition, the ergonomic design for control reduces the amount of power to reduce the amount of force required for operation. Depending on the game play style, you can choose the highest product for yourself, and it is a product that maximizes the performance of console gamers with the best grip without slip.

AGF03 appic gaming desk to enjoy the best console game in a narrow space

What if you want to enjoy a space for a narrow indoor to enjoy a console game? Let’s take a look at the Appco . Designed as a compact size of the horizontal 1200, the ‘AGF03’ is a small but outstanding durability, a stable use of a high quality full-steel frame structure.

As long as the immersion is an important console game, the part of the body was applied to the body to focus on a smooth flexural treatment and focus on a long time in a stable position. The appic ‘AGF03’, which can withstand the maximum 130kg load, has used 15 mm MDF tops and 1.1 mm steel, and the K-type frame structure was added to the stability of the desk.

Console Game The Gaming Desk, which is comfortable to use the PS device next to the PS device, is made to make the best console game even in a narrow space.