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The last collaboration of Sony Music with PlayStation includes a Fire Plants of Idris Elba

After years of words in the air, the different divisions of Sony finally work in unison. But while collaborations between PlayStation and Sony Pictures were obvious – The Last of Us turns in Canada right now, and Uncharted was a great success at the box office – we saw fewer crosses with Sony Music.

You may remember that Jaden Smith has released a song for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Moral Miles, who was an example of collaboration between the two media companies – Well, now he took out an exclusive song for Gran Turismo 7, British Hip-Hop trio The Fanatix. The title here, however, is that it features the Idris Elba movie star, which appears with a rather spicy passion.

THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)

As you can imagine, the song is called Vroom and his words speak of supercars, like Bugattis and Maseratis. We love the melody – it made a way in our subconscious during the day – but knowing the tastes of readers on this website, we will assume that the comments section will not be kind. Forward who?!