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Fallout New Vegas gets an HD texture module

How To Completely Remaster New Vegas With Only 20 Mods - Lazy Mod List 2020

A New Vegas Mod Fallout has fallen on Nexusmods, increasing the quality of textures by four times the original. It is expected that the size of the file is important, with 16 GB, but the results are worth it. One of the best parts of the mod that the purists will love is that it does not use any new assets in the game. Using an artificial intelligence program to improve the original textures, there will be nothing in the game which will seem displaced. With the age of the game enough apparent nowadays, it may be the exact mod you are looking for for your next game. The mod can be found on NexusMods here. Do not forget to support the developer of the mod if you appreciate the mod, these volunteer game developers who keep the old classics alive worth rewarding. Look to