LGU +, 5G XR Content opened in Middle East export

Reporter of picking back packing backpacking MWC scene, Hwang Hyun Sik LG U Plus representative has won XR content export performance.

5G Telecommunication services have been expanded to XR content territory while supplying specialized services to the Middle East, which is in full swing. This has reached $ 24 million by XR content and solutions.

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The President of Hwang, Hyun-sik, opened the meeting in Barcelona on the 1st (Local Time), and “demonstrates content to overseas major companies, and has a meeting, One of the very great harvests. “

The three companies mentioned by the Huangyang (Zain) group, Omantel, and Celcom.

First, a group of groups are headquartered by Kuwait, with a subscriber for about 50 million subscribers in seven countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Jordan, Bahrain and South Sudan.

5G Cooperation with the group that is in front of the commercialization is more eye-catching. This is because the Middle East area can be used as a new content export bridgehead.

In the global communications industry, the Middle East was not a greatly noticeable area, but it is a 5G era. It is equipped with the investment of oil money, and due to the terrain nature of the terrain, the desert flat is fast and the network building is fast.

In addition, Oman Telecom of Omanel CEO Shelk Talal Seed Maroon Almari and the MOU on Cooperation with XR Content and Solution Cooperation.

Additional export agreements have been made to Celcom, the third-largest carrier, Malaysia. LG U Plus completed exports of VR content in October last year, and will serve 5G realized media in K Pop.

The Hwang, president, discussed new content supply, such as CEO and K Pop Contents. Celcom will be in the second quarter of this year, Malaysia’s second-in-house Digwaw, and will come up with a subscriber’s first-ranked telecommunication company.

“The 5G Commercial Country is increasingly interested in new services,” he said. “

Then, “XR content is primarily a lot of K pop-centered and U + idol Live is a central content, and has a lot of companies that are interested in the Middle East and South America.” U plus emphasized that U plus is active. “

On the other hand, Qualcomm participated in the XR Content Management Council ‘XR Alliance’ has been discussed. The Hwang, president, discussed the way to expand its partnership with XR Device Manufacturers to Cristiano Amon Qualcomm CEO.

In addition, Diego Mashida meter and meter market CEO, and since 2017, we decided to strengthen strategic partnerships in many fields such as B2C, B2B, Network, and Purchase. He, especially, he seemed to seek how to cooperate with Phone Multinational Partnership Purchase Channel Joint Utilization and New Business Excavation of Corporate Customer.

Hwang’s president said, “We will have a ghost in the Global Partner in Barcelona, ​​who have been found in three years, and go back to Global Trend,” said, “Through the global trends that I have grown, we have grown non-district businesses in Korea and make LG Yuplus as digital innovation companies I will write. “