Horizon Forbidden West: The Maledero of the Neblinous Heights, How To Complete it?

We continue to squeeze the map of Horizon Forbidden West continues, this time with a new panorama at the other end of the Forbidden West. It will be necessary to dive and above all scalar well , in order to recover a few hundred points of experience as a reward for this new secondary activity.

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Here we leave the process that we have followed but, just above you can see a video that may be more explanatory to find the Mipero of the neblinous heights in the adventures of Aloy.

Where to place the image?

Go to the location shown on the map on the video at the top of the article, then immerse yourself in the waters of San Francisco until you find a large stone arch, which coincides with the image of the watermark in your focus.

It is not the place we are looking for, which complicates a little this sense of research, but rather the area in which you will have to configure your radar to show the places at the time of the ancients.

Locate a yellow plug near the building, from which Aloy can hold on to drive quickly through the water. Looking at the bow from this point, you should be able to properly fit the image fairly simple.


  • Come on, we let you guess… Yes, totally: 1500 Experience points As a reward for discovering this new panorama of the West Prohibited.