Education Version “Main Craft” Nobel Peace Awards “Active Citizen” released to think of world peace with award winners

Mojang Studios is a great popular sandbox “ Main Craft “, but the educational version “ Minecraft: Education Edition ” specialized in school sites is Norwell, the Nobel Peace Award · We announced the “Nobel Peace Center” and special joint project “ Active Citizen ” in Oslo and released the trailer.

Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace

The project is a learning program manufactured jointly with Nobel Peace Center and Non-Profit Group “Games for Change (G4C)”, and the students who receive classes were awarded the Nobel Peace Award Dalai Lama 14 World and Human Rights Actors Malara Yusufuzai Together with Mr. Malala, the world (World) in the “Micro” in the specially generated “Micla” You can learn how to create a variety of challenges for problem solving.

The world’s stability and democracy’s root stems are likely to be looked like a progressive and tense Ukraina situation. Deepening learning through this “Active Citizen” may be the first step in World Peace.

“Minecraft: Education Edition” can be downloaded for PC (Windows, Mac) / iPad / Choromebook. Free demorston is being delivered. Details can be checked here.