How to improve hobur with spikes in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West allows players to improve their equipment and “bags”. You can do it in workplaces scattered on a huge map of the open world of the game. Improvements The bag will bring a number of effects, mainly associated with the carrying capacity of the target item.

Improvements of holsters with spikes allow players to carry more spikes with them simultaneously. Spikes can cause huge damage to enemy machines, so this update is worth finding its components for crafting.

What ingredients are needed to improve holsters with spikes?

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There are all four Improvements Spike Holster. The items necessary for each update are listed below:

  • Update 1 – 25 metal fragments and 2 pelican feather
  • update 2 – 100 metal fragments, 1 rainbow crab shell and 1 duck pen
  • update 3 – 200 metal fragments, 1 bone of snow ram and 3 lunar fish skins
  • Update 4 – 300 metal fragments, 2 bakery skins, 1 Lobster Rainbow Sink and 1 perch bone.

These items can be obtained by killing animals on the map and searching their bodies. Some items are more difficult than others, but animals have much more chances to get rare items than that of cars, so the improvement of this pouch does not take much time.

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