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How to get to the witch echo in the Throne World of Savatun in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 All QUAGMIRE REGION CHESTS LOCATIONS Savathun's Throne World Witch Queen
To get to the echo witches in the Throne World of Savatun in Destiny 2, you need to find incommended place on the map in Mismy region . The Misimia region in Destiny 2 is located in the throne world of Savatun north of the Quagmir region.

But before you can get to the regions of Quagmir and Mismy, you first need to unlock Trone World Shavatun . The Throne World destination can be unlocked by moving in Queen Campaign .

However, after unlocking the region, you can explore the entire throne world. Head to the Mismy region, and you will need to find Destroyed Structure on the map below.

Inside this destroyed structure, you will find entry in Echo witch . Complete the entrance shown above, and in the end you will get to the point where you need to jump over the ditch. Having passed the ditch, you will enter the witch echo.

Next inside Witch’s Echo, you will encounter multiple Scorn enemies along with Fundamental OSMIUM nodes. Players can also find * Multiple * Darking nodes , but for their use requires the third level of DarkSight. Because of this, you may need to return to the “Echo Witch” later in the campaign.

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