More Democratic – Korean Game Industry Association 20th presidential policy agreement

In addition, the Democratic Election Measures Committee Policy Headquarters and the Korea Games Industry Association have conducted a policy agreement to conclude a policy challenge for the 20th presidential election for the 23rd (Wed), the game industry development and phase strengthening,.

The agreement has a policy to establish a policy for developing a game industry ▲ Excavating policy projects for enhancing positive game recognition ▲ Reasonable plan for game industry regulatory and rationalization for protection of the game industry ▲ New growth engagement has been built to establish a system for the game industry.

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In addition, the Democratic Party and the Korea Games Industry Association have conducted policy agreements in the 19th presidential election, and the Moon Jae-in government has been promoted the abolition of PC Online Games for the game industry. In addition, as the 2019 World Health Organization (WHO) advises the introduction of diseases of game use disorder code, it has established a civilian council for discussion of disease code due to the administration of the State Code.

Moon Jae-in will announce the comprehensive plan for the game industry promotion in 2020, and the game classification system improvement ▲ Small and medium game business support ▲ Activation of the arcade game ▲ Activation of the arcade game ▲ Establishment of the Isphosu permeability We have been promoting.

President Kang Shin-cheol said, “I think it is very meaningful to make a policy agreement, and I think it is very meaningful, and I expect the policy for industrial promotion instead of unnecessary regulations.”

“The game industry has triggered a growth engine for the 4th Army industry revolutionary era as a comprehensive art that the new technologies are rapidly introduced,” said Moon Jae-jae, said, “Moon Jae-in,” Moon Jae-in, said, ” “As long as I am greatly sympathetic to the importance of the game industry, I will do my best to implement the Convention.”

Meanwhile, the lawmaker who has been subjective of the event has been working on the Korean Games Industry Association in the 20th National Assembly to promote the Korea Games Forum to promote the Korean Games Forum, and the Korean Games Forum, the Korean Games Forum and the National Assembly Research Group, I am in charge of the game industry to foster the game industry.