Nexon, Cart Rider Korea Theme Reverse Track Update

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) updated the Korea Theme Reverse Track on the 17th on-line casual racing game ‘Cart Rider’.

Sticker NCT127 | Kart Rider Rush+ (Korea Circuit - WKC)
Composed of 5 Korea Theme Tracks in Seoul, Incheon, Jeonju, Busan, and Jeju in the opposite play direction, and add a special element of the reverse track and provide a different driving experience.

Nexon opens up the “Korea Landmen Tracking Co., Ltd.” to achieve the co-goal ‘Seoul ~ Jeju Wanzhou’ as a run record of the entire user who plays five new reverse tracks until March 2.

When achieving the land of the Land Deep Track, the individual tracks are successful, “Rare Puts V1 (unlimited) ‘,’ Opal Box (5) ‘,’ Ruby Box (5) ‘Pay “and draw 1,000,” Nexon Cache (10,000 won). The entire user’s cumulative driving record is available on the event page.

During the same period, a new track voting event is performed during the same period. Suwon, Pangyo, Sokcho, Daejeon, Racing, and a large number of candidates are made in the game in the game. Participate in voting and selecting 100 of the users who left the comment and provide ‘Ruby Box (3)’.

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