Disaster Chefs 2: Date, schedules, participants and how to see the Ibai Llanos cooking contest

DISASTER CHEFS #2 | Huevo, Yogur Y Menú
When Ibai Llanos has a plan between eyebrow and eyebrow, no one stops him. The famous content creator has been used in recent times to perform massive events, gathering hundreds of thousands of users on Twitch to see what is cooking the streamer.

It’s precisely what you’re going to have to do today, February 16, in Disaster Chefs . On this occasion he touches the second program of this particular championship in which Streamers couples come together for crowned as the greatest chefs of all Twitch . Although it is not easy, since the dishes have to prepare at a time limit and under the watchful look of a jury.

Schedule and how to see disaster chefs

He has already warned the IBAI himself. It will be from 20: 00, Spanish peninsular schedule (13: 00h on CDMX) When the stoves are already hot to start the day. We can follow everything that happens between pans through the Twitch channel of IBAI itself.

Disaster participants chefs

There are six couples on this occasion that will be prepared to give the best of itself. Masi will repeat as a presenter, but she will be accompanied by IBAI in this work. In fact, IBAI and Barbe or Cristinini and Carola may be refused for the final of Disaster Chefs with the popular vote. Be that as it may, these are today’s couples:

  • Ander and Reven
  • Spursito and Tresco
  • Paula Gonu and Werlyb
  • Karchez and Axozer
  • Paracetamor and Zeling
  • Perxitaa and Violetag

Photo | Ibai Llanos.