PS5 update brings new top

Members of the PlayStation Beta program can download a new firmware for your PS5. The revised operating system offers numerous new functions – one of them is particularly practical.

More PS5 functions: New beta update available

Not only the PS4 but also the PS5 gets new functions in the form of updates from Sony at regular intervals. Now the next big patch for all beta users are available for download.

The focus is on the expansion of the party function as well as some customizations of the user interface. After installing the update, players can now choose when creating a party, whether they should be open or closed **. Open meetings allow your friends to join them without invitation. Closed sessions, on the other hand, players can only join if they have sent them in advance an invitation.

The feature, which many players probably have probably waited most, is the plays and apps on the HOME screen of the PS5 . These appear permanently permanently in the dashboard and do not slip backwards if they start other apps and games in between.

To make your favorite games and apps on the main screen of the PS5 “Feeding digressing”, you will be like this:

  • Scrolls to the tile of the corresponding software on the main screen.
  • Press the OPTION button to your controller.
  • Scrolls down to Option “Fix on the start page” and activates it.

In this way, you can permanently fix up to five games & apps on the PS5 Dashboard (Source: PlayStation Blog).

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How to get to the beta firmware for the PS5

So far, only PS5 players who have signed up for the beta program receive access to the new update. In order to get to the new system software, you have to register for access to the official PlayStation website.

__ZUR Login for the PlayStation beta software

PS5 Beta Update 3.0 Features Detailed. | Activision Blizzard Games Will Come To PS5. - [LTPS #504]

Sony points out that the registry is not guaranteed that you will also be selected for the beta program. In addition, it may take a while until your feedback is received on your request.