FCN: Defensive and offensive personnel questions for Klauts

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0: 5 Against Ingolstadt, 1: 4 in Karlsruhe – at the beginning of the season after the long time at least a lot of praised defensive of the club has received significant cracks. FCN coach Robert Klauß demands from his protégés because even better defense, but explicitly says: “It starts in front, we must be more aggressive as a total block.”

Defense: Sörensen and?

Because that with the Jahn a unpleasant opponent waits, even if the Oberpfälzer came to the skid after seven defeats from the last ten games, there is no question for the 37-year-old. His team awaits a team like in the wildlife park, the “many flanks” strike and have “headball presence in the center”. Means: “We have to defend well at the wing, where there is ahead, come back, come back to allow finals only from harmless situations.”

Those who occupy the internal defense is still questionable. Christopher Schindler (last muscular problems), Mario Suver or Florian Hübner, who completed a full training week, will run as a secondary man by Asger Sörsen, let Klauß know. He completed a tactical system changes to a triple chain.

Köpke for Schäffler?

Not yet clarified is who will be an opposing disturbance factor in the forefront. “Manuel Schäffler is a cold,” said the Club Coach, you will see on Friday whether the striker is available. The 33-year-old could replace Pascal Köpke, who was last outward outside after his starting in Düsseldorf, because he has “physically and mentally a lot of power” told him “physically and mentally a lot of power”. After a good workout week, he is now a “clear option” again.

The expectations were last not fulfilled by us. We want to make it better against Regensburg and show the fans that it was a slip-up.

Robert Klauß

Klauts did not doubt that it is about the Jahn after the flap against Ingolstadt and the bankruptcy in Karlsruhe to operate reparation. “The expectations were not filled with us last. We want to do it better against Regensburg and show the fans that it was a slip-up.” 10,000 fans were admitted against the FCI, this time it is 25,000. “I hope to support us as many as possible – even in heavy stages of the game,” Klauß said. So far, 21,000 tickets have been sold.