In search of adventure in The Cruel King and the Great Hero

Children’s Tale Clear RPG King And The Great Hero_ arrives in our countries on March 15, 2022 after a first exclusive exit in Japan in June 2021. Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and edited by Nis America, the game comes out on PS4 and switch.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

In this title, you will follow the history of Little Yuu, daughter of a deceased hero, who goes as a quest for adventure with his faithful companion, a great dragon once known as the cruel king. Apheated since it was spared by the father of his little protégé, his dark past might resurface. Many meetings punctuate the life of Little Yuu and help him realize his heroin dreams. From the adorable renard Conco to Princess Flora, all will lend you hand over the chapters of the game.

In this illustrated fable, whose graphic paw will not be reminiscent of the liar princess and the blind prince, the adventures of Yuu will be punctuated by fighting in turn. In addition to hunting different enemies, you will also have to help the inhabitants of the forest to allow the little girl to become a real heroine. Accompanied by his band his full of freshness, the game promises an experience full of sweetness, where kindness and friendship will be honored.


Features of The Cruel King and The Great Hero