Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will allow you to fully customize your character

Last updated there is February 27, 2020

Like the output of Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets closer to the closer, Nintendo gives fans more information on the game very expected that we have not for months! The latest version examines how you can customize your character.

According to the videos that have been tweeted by the Traversée d’Animals official Twitter page, it seems that the characters players of the game are more customizable than ever. The features that have been randomized in previous games, such as the shape and color of the eyes, the shape of the nose and the mouth and the hair, will now be chosen by the players at will.

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You can also change the skin color and jaw of your character, as well as give him pink cheeks if you wish. A video tweeted by the Traversée of Animals The Twitter account, shown above, also shows that players can customize the appearance of their character from home, which means you will no longer need to visit Shampoodle to change Hairdressing!

The video shows a character sitting in a vanity inside his house and entering the customization menu before changing his color and his hair style, his facial features and his skin color. The character then takes a pose to show his new look.

Something that has been the subject of discussion between animals_traversée since this information has been published is that there is apparently no pressure to choose gender features for your character. In the previous games, you had been asked for your sex, and we usually gave you typical feminine or male features, the hair being the only thing you could change to Shampoodle.

However, New horizons, it seems that players will be able to choose traditionally masculine and feminine characteristics and hairstyles when they wish, as well as mix and match the available features.

An infographic tweeted by AnimalTraversée Fan AC_ATSUMARE account allows us to have a better preview of the customization menu.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on March 20th on Nintendo Switch.