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Xiaoma, New Mobile MMORPG New Three Kingdoms World: Shima Formal Launched Google Play

Xiaoma (Show Ma, Representative) said that its mobile MMORPG ‘New Three Kingdoms World: Shima Followed by New Three Kingdoms: Shima Function, has launched on Google Play.

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‘New Three Kingdoms World: Shima Following’ is a background, as a background, as a background, and the user has a confused world and the process of confusing the world.

Especially, it is a god to take a pre-emergency and use the enemy to sweep the enemy in an instant, use a ship, and a fifteen milk, such as a follicle that can be used, and can feel the growth of growth.

It also boasts differentiated content, such as introducing an ancient meat system, depending on the player’s choice, such as a god or a devil, and other three provincial games.

In addition, it is possible to enjoy the history of the history as a combat element such as infinite tan, continuous combo, nuclear & slash, as well as simple operation.

‘New Three Kingdoms World: Shima Formation’ is downloadable from Google Play and is in advance registration in one-storey. We will pay a new user to the limited edition ‘Flame envelope’ and dedicated non-seniors.

In addition, if you enter two special compensation coupons with a special benefit, you can acquire an abundant gift by entering the public, SamGuk333 and Samguk666.