Dragon ball Z:Dokkan Battle

News Tate Mobile Open Challenge

Cra Ton (President Kim Chang-ha) said the group stage and finals to cover the Korea ‘s stronger’ (NMOC) ‘(NMOC) “from 15th to 19th.

NMOC is the first amateur tournament held by ‘News Tate Mobile’. As long as I had to survive in a fierce competition against my talents, I had to do a $ 300 million, the largest prize of the Single Competition, as long as I had to survive. The first prize money will reach 200 million. Through the competition, we plan to expand the game community that is formed around Mobile Battle Royal Pressure.

The 24th group stage (15-18 days) and the final (19th) are held at 6 pm, and the News Terminated Mobile Official YouTube, the tweet channel, as well as the battle ground ispo channel. Depending on the request of the global fans who want to watch the exhilarating battle in real time, we also provide English relay through the Newste Mobile Global YouTube channel. Special coupon events for viewers watching NMOC and cheering NMOC during the game are also going on.

The contest method determines the final ranking in a manner that succeeds the osphotographic system of ‘PUBG: Battleground (Battleground Battle Ground). All Machines will be held in the ‘Extreme BR’ mode recently from News Tate Mobile. Extreme BR is a fast and tense fest face battle mode, which is rapid and tense, based on the Troy map.


Meanwhile, Newste Mobile introduced New Mode Round Dess Match (RDM) on the 10th. The RDM is a 7th round of 4th rounds in 4 to 4, and it is characterized that it will experience a fierce battle to the final magnetic field to experience the last minute of the battle Royal.