The Death Stranding release date is revealed: Directors Cut for PC

After its launch at PlayStation 5 last year, version of the Death Stranding director already has an official date of launch on PC. The updated and improved version of the original. Varada de la Death Now it is specifically scheduled to reach Steam and Epic Games Store on March 30, 2022. And although this new version of the game will cost $ 39.99 by itself, an update option will also be available for Those who have already purchased the original. qualification.

Kojima Productions and Editorial 505 Games announced this new release date for version of the Death Stranding Director today together with the confirmation that an update level would now be available. «Owners of Varada de la Death can update the cuty for the $ 9.99 discount price when installing the current game and buying it through the game store,” explained 505 Games in a press release today. In addition, he also noted that the original version of _Varada de la Death will be on sale as of today and will last until next week on February 3 through Steam. So, if you want to buy the game at a lower cost right now and then update to the director_e-director later, that could be your best option.

As for version of the Death Stranding director bring to the table that is different from its original version, the title can now work better and take advantage of certain hardware features. «Version of the Death Stranding Director for PC further improves the impressive images of Kojima Productions with higher frame speeds, ultra-ratio monitors compatibility and a functions-rich photography mode to better capture panoramic views», said a description of this New version of the title. In addition to receiving general improvements for performance and images, it also contains a series of new features and parts of content that were not in the original version. Vear of death Before or you are looking to try the game for the first time, this is definitely the game edition that you want to see in the future.

Are you going to pick up version of the director of Death Stranding for yourself when it comes to PC? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.