[Planning] We use Gundam horn as this holiday. Games that can be held

Feast is a good day together in one place are rare relative to the normal send and receive wishing remarks, they eat delicious food to share their happiness. But the only holiday this is like a unwelcome person will not quite. Exit the subsequent work just want to rest comfortably create a festive food, or ‘marriage when Wondering’ handageona ‘meet people eopnya, etc. to deal nagging does adults kkeunyijil, not yet had cherish the food nephew because the lean purse superficial level malyijyo etc. should be prepared to give to sebaetdon.

Who feel the greatest fear among them are those who think that the collector. Because I usually look to make pure evil demon cute niece comes to Russia went for a treasure. Looking at the shelves on display for a long time moahon Treasure hard gamyeo spend a fortune presumably a proud heart, where my busy watching as much at the hands of his nephew subtract sweating. Even better enchants beads prevent diarrhea department is a continuation of adults suffering is always full of tension would not expand the ‘Azzurra’.

So why not try to conciliate the interests of his nephew elsewhere? In order to protect the collection from the hands of mischievous curiosity that is tolerable it is difficult to prevent. To raise it to turn the eyes of his nephew operational point likely the children love put into preparing a bunch of games is one good way. Where to hear is that children are like repetitive elements. Moreover cute design’ll also not to be missed. Above all, I hope it combines easy operation feeling as the Saints game so that children can easily put the fun.

So I gather the features I think it is just 1. Nintendo switch the game that everyone can enjoy fun-filled lightweight ages neundeyo risen to be a perfect jegyeok left. Even seureopjiman famous JoyCon a little worried as to durability usual coarse but cheap compared to the expense of valuable treasures.

Now, he collected also feature a children’s favorite’ve also picked models now doegetneyo only game you ready to meet its features. Let’s see what is the game that will save the treasures from my nephew!

kungttak ancient masters! Two kinds of RPG Adventure (play number of people: 1)
Kungttak kungttak with cute characters! Fun and simple rhythm game

If you stop by the Recreation frequently, you can also enjoy the game switches likely to know any1. A unique way to play the famous ancient masters pounding round the two great books to choose drumstick with the rhythm song. This game can enjoy the two games you specifically to buy a pack. To use an analogy, a Pokémon that geotyijiyo enjoy Pokemon Sword / Shield at once. Moreover, there is no significant difference when compared to the price of two games other games included in the pack but rather can be called non-caustic game.

Ancient master is the rhythm of the game by pressing a button to match the shape of the note book comes off by crossing the beat. Unlike other rhythm games can also be cleared using the two buttons, only the introductory part is not hard difficulty. Would not bored with the simplicity of operation, and special notes’d cut off or accumulate points to a battered burst the balloon, ssateumyeon Combo is packed faithfully elements of rhythm games that take place in the Fever to gain a higher score.

Existing ancient masters generally select the song and all the drumming rhythm of the game, but kungttak ancient masters! Two kinds of RPG adventure are adding new content of the story mode. Stories can be a bit childish, but I have a right to feel rather little nephew became, thanks to the character design. We are dealing with the monsters that appear in the field getting stronger, we have a basic RPG elements such as gaining a reward to help awkward person in the village. You can also recruit colleagues to win the battle with the enemy with a certain probability.

As you progress the story can get the dress item, which is the feature of the antiquity of the master series, if a nephew who likes decorating stranded.And more perfect. Design and Low Level of cute characters, so this outfit system or colleagues might think that young children love a good option. But it’ll have to be careful nephew Jean discard greatly enhance the sound’s infatuation with the rhythm…. Rather, I do not know or may not too bad if you do not like listening to the nagging of adults.

Katamari Damacy-rolled la Prince-back (the number of people playing: 1-2)
This masterpiece came back 15 years ago. Ssammayi full of emotion making the planet Battle

Maybe if people who have always enjoyed the games from the PS2 era is surely probable example bwateum series. ‘Nana nana nanana ~ ~ ~ Nana’ unique and addictive songs seemed clunky but clean and warm with graphics that start with cute characters, such as lunch with the ambassadors director I like to eat well is nokyeonaen game still feels tough ssammayi emotion.

Mahan jjogeu the contents prince put the various bits and pieces and creatures, buildings in the district rolled the ball jjondeuk fives makes the planet look at this not only describes what to play? This idea can be mentioned that, but you will feel as light rather enjoy a good game with a unique and charming BGM monggeul monggeul a single object, the appropriate combination of screws missing half the story.

Unlike other games button is almost not used only Instruction can move only features two analog sticks. So Instruction is somewhat unusual way but I can feel easy, it is difficult to adapt at first. Just simply adapting the operation feeling like rolling a ball directly to the controller deuneyo think is itgetda may seem attractive.

If you have a little bit unfortunate part Katamari Damacy series is that you can listen to the dubbed inde famous game that I dub a title that just released for PS2. It also won glad to advanced painters only Korean subtitles, but you can not hear the dubbing, I still feel a bit sticky, unfortunately.

Party Games You Should Try This Holiday Season (2021) | Funny Christmas Party Games!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (play number of people: 1-4).
Arcade racing series for zero tier that anyone can easily enjoy

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (the marker) is one switch game with colorful graphics and highly acclaimed frames, successive level maps and characters and so on. Attack your opponent with items acquired during the running of the track, it is the purpose Arcade racing game in which the goal with high priority.

Maca can see it well suited for a number of migratory nephew game that supports up only one game to play up to 4 persons are here introduced one at a time. In addition, the famous game characters in Super Mario as well as the Animal Crossing ‘shoals’ or Splatoon ‘only menmi’, you may meet with various characters, such as “links” Legend of Zelda you is very suitable for focusing the nephew can. Of course, as well as the character bodywork, wheels and gliders can also be chosen as desired for each plate you can feel a unique pleasure.

Can not I also miss also the various maps. First, you can enjoy all the popular map of Mario Kart was ever released. You can see the many faces of the Rainbow Road and itjiyo also run a tough course in the classic game of Nintendo bikes loaded. In addition Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, also enjoy Animal Crossing and collaboration a map You can also enjoy the new atmosphere.

One thing to keep in mind is How I appear to split screen with multiple people enjoy nephew harder Learn if the monitor or TV screen, the less they are able to quickly tired risk. So you only like minutes with a large TV.

New Pokemon Snap (play number of people: 1)
Snap the various aspects of the Pokémon in your hand! Let’s leave the memories!

But the best choice you can just choose to all ages without worrying is the Pokemon Cheats In fact, it is fact that troubled period for abuse yen JoyCon do not know what will happen between now left my nephew Pokemon On landscaped grow hard. Of course doegin haejumyeon create a new account, but also irritating there, and I do not like the story is pretty long nephew go a long catch back to the game is also worried about the end to hear the relatives Azzurra. Every now and then recommend a new Pokemon Snap (the Pokemon Snap).

Pokémon Snap is a unique game where you can observe different aspects of multiple Pokémon that live in nature and leave a photograph. I usually take the form of Pokémon not seen as keeping your own memories, or via the Internet to share with several people.

In addition to that, or take a look towards the monster throw an apple to eat apples, can be an interesting interactions that dotge angry. You can also view an object called Illuminati Pokemon boasts a unique shape and size, there was not an existing view. Elsewhere, look for rare Pokemon can not see is good enough bait yen attract the attention of his nephew.

ten working UFO (play number of people: 1-2).
Alien chagok chagok build up things to help make the human albabi

If you have a nephew that you do not have a cute thing, this game is your size. It is a UFO that is the work of the work that the biggest Kirby manufacturer is developed. For the reason for seedlings, the UFO, which came to the earth, is a cute story to win the district of the district, and the UFO, like a movie, and the Movie is not to lift the anti-shutdown beam, not to lift the stuff. Move the goods.

The work of the biggest Kirby’s work, the dongle dongle and cute pixel graphics are the most visible. There is a cute taste that suits the character as well as the character, the background, the background is also aware of the atmosphere. The length of the game is short, but it is short, but Palabaclings, such as a hidden element, which can be obtained through the UFO dresses and missions of various concepts. Of course, if you are a nervous writing, you can just complete the main mission and go to another mission.

It looks good to raise children’s balance because it is an important point to balance well while moving things. My nephews are funny, and I think they will be able to study the brain for a while, and how they can study, and can not be able to keep a collection,