Com2us New Runa Expedition, Global Release

Com2uS (CEO songjaejun, yijuhwan) announced on the 28th that the global market for mobile casual action RPG ‘Rooney Fellowship “, developed by a subsidiary olem through the Google Play Store.

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“Rooney Fellowship” has been handed down intact the whole world enjoy more than 160 countries, over 500 million people abduction of the popular PC online game ‘Rooney Electric’ worldview and diverse character of the original IP. Provides a spectacular action and fun of hitting the cool feeling, character and collect the action RPG genre, at the same time.

In particular, a feature that you can enjoy an easy and thrilling action than with the simple operation mode optimized for the mobile environment. Battle is conducted by combining two or more characters with unique skills of the character have a group in such a manner as to penetrate the dungeon, users can enjoy the easy play with only a simple touch.

Including the existing original character can experience the fun of collecting and strategies to foster growth by utilizing collect unique character to emerge characters have different skills in a total of 20 species. In addition there is also maryeondwae variety of content such as multiplayer where you can experience the fun of co-op, such as joining a party with your friends in-game attack with a dungeon and raid bosses.

Meanwhile, Com2uS is ahead in this ‘Rooney expedition’ release, has conducted a prior reservation through the Google Play Store to target the global users since last December, provided the item reward of about 8 million won as a gift to the participants on.

Also out to deploy a variety of events for new users, such as when on March 1 9:00 am coming to celebrate the launch if connected to the game offers a total of 21 days eyireu character younghonseok, sohwangwon, character and weapon strengthening material.