Twitter, Universal Music Groups and Handmade Music Contents

[Data provided: Twitch]

\ – Universal Music Group and Area of ​​Amazon Music… Music and Artist Contents Reinforcement

\ – Support for twitch channel generation of artists and labels… Various original contents will be proposed exclusively

The twitches are on the universal music group and the Amazon music and the twitch channel construction of the music artist and label. This is a policy that enlarges the unique music-based content of the twitch.

Twitches and universal music groups, Amazon music enhance the collaboration to enable users to continue a broader and diverse music content. As a result, users can enjoy the most popular music content in Amazon to a special experience provided by the live stream, as well as high quality spaces, artists and industry-leading universal music group artist lines.

Through this collaboration, the twitch offers the opportunity to communicate directly with the fan using the universal music group and the work of the universal music group and the wealth of the twitch. The twitch is working closely with the universal music group to support the creation of tweeting channels of artists and labels, and in addition to music, it will be proprietary to adopt various artists related content and original content exclusively.

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Tracy Chan, a twitch music sector, “Twitches actively support musicians and create cultures that the creator is prioritized. We are pleased to cooperate with Universal Music Groups, while providing more tools that can communicate with fans, they are glad to help them strimate on the twitch and create meaningful revenue. “

Meanwhile, according to the contract, the subscriber of Amazon Music Unlimited can stream more music included in the vast catalog of the universal music group in HD, Ultra HD and space acoustics.