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Skyrim: Incredibly rare event surprises veterans himself

Even after 10 years, there are still new things to discover for Skyrim veterans. A fan now shares a random encounter in the woods forests, which was completely new to him after 1000 hours of playing time.

Skyrim fan is surprised in the forest

One of the best features in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are the random encounters that can have the dragon’s blood on his journey. They range from a thalmor patrol to a meeting with the famous M’aiq the liar. Overall, there are just as many of them that a player in a single game run barely all of them will see .

The Reddit User and Skyrim veteran Carlini_95 has already begun for more than 1000 hours in the role-playing game ** and was still surprised again. On a night walk through the forests of heaven, he encounters a hunter who is not particularly pleased to get society. Instead, he transforms himself immediately into a waswolf and goes to the dragon’s blood.

Skyrim: Hardly anyone knows the WERWOLF event

In the title of the Posts, Carlini_95 explains that he has never seen a Werewolf transformations outside a quest or a dungeon. There are many users right in the comments. They too have never pushed to the random event . Some are even before the accompanying quest even never encountered a waswolf in the wild.

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There are experiences like this, the Skyrim also still holding alive after 10 years . Nevertheless, it would be nice if Bethesda could let a sign of life from The Elder Scrolls 6. In November, the studio director Todd Howard still explained why her to wait so long.

A skyrim fan stops on a rare event in a forest . There suddenly a hunter turns into a waswolf and goes to the player. Even after 1000 hours of playing, many players have never seen such a thing.