Lost ARK: The online action role game breaks a twitch

Legends of Lost Ark - Twitch Drop Streaming Event
Since 8 February 2022, the first early start players may fall into the online worlds of Lost Ark. But even if the official free-to-play launch is still imminent, the MMORPG already ensures a lot of sensation – and a first record.

As shown by the TWITCHTRACKER statistics, Lost ARK achieved a peak of 1.27 million at the same time active spectators at the streaming platform Twitch. A considerable number of many games can only dream. In addition, this peak represents a new record of a MMOS at Twitch. No other title from this genre so far as many spectators have been a strike. For comparison: The former MMO king World of Warcraft has brought it to a little more than 1.1 million viewers in the heyday. The slightly fresh New World attracted at the climax about 977,000 spectators. At least in this category, no one can rich Lost Ark the water so far.

The current numbers at Steam also clearly show that the MMORPG is currently on a high-altitude flight: directly to the advance launch on February 8, 2022, more than 530,000 players were active on the servers at the same time.

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