Nacon: Acquisition of EDGE of Eternity

Nacon announces the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Midgar Studio. By integrating the studio with his team of JRPG specialists, Nacon continues its development strategy and expands its portfolio for new competences.

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Founded in southern France and founded by passionate developers Midgar Studio has made a name for itself through the development of games, use high-quality technologies and graphics to provide players captivating experiences.

As a lover of Japanese culture, especially the JRPGS, the team is behind the Game Edge of Eternity that can be inspired by the greatest franchises of the genre.

The Open World Game appeared in June 2021 plays in a fantasy world and offers a unique experience and has received the nickname “French Final Fantasy”.

Jeremy Zeler-Maury said, “At the same time being creative and technically excellent, a challenge is characteristic of Midgar Studio and our trademark. We are very happy that we connect Nacon who listen and understand what we want to achieve. With their support, we have the chance to realize our ambitions and preserve a lot of freedom. ”

Alain Falc, President and CEO of Nacon, said, “For Nacon, it is always exciting to welcome a new team in our family, without restricting the creativity and way of working behind their success. Midgar Studio makes high quality games in a segment, which we have not specialized in. Due to the combination of the studio know-how with our own on the publishing side, we will soon be able to offer our players new, high quality gaming experiences produced in France. “

The video game department of Nacon now includes 15 development locations (10 in France, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Italy, 2 in Canada and 1 in Australia) with nearly 600 developers supported by a publishing team with 70 employees.