Ark: survival evolved

Cacao Games, Eternal Return Season 5 Free Season

A PC Online survival Battle Arena ‘Eternal Return’, which is developed by a Numbar Renal (representative Kim Nam-seok) and served together on February 17th, Worked.

‘Free Season’ is a chance to taste the fun of the cooperation and character controls that are more likely to spread in the ‘Eternal Return’ season 5, and can experience various changes and new contents through the pre-season.

The core content of Season 5 is a ‘active item’, which can use special skills when acquiring ‘automatic resurrection system’ in ▲ duo and squad mode ▲ ▲ ▲ “Active item” to use special skills at the time of item, Through this, we emphasize the fun and character controls of cooperation.

Get Ready for Season 5: Ghostly Presence!

Meanwhile, on the other hand, to commemorate the year of black tiger ‘s Yufless Tiger! If you participate in the event, you can get three tiger compensation, such as a tiger profile icon, and after the Season 5 open, can do.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game that up to 18 players use various strategy battles to target the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy free of charge through the ‘Daum Games’, and if you enjoy the game in Cacao Games PC rooms, you can get 50% benefits of gaming with free use of all character freedom.