Fliegauf criticizes beammeal non-reconciliation

Thus criticized del-Klub Grizzlies Wolfsburg have on several channels the non-nomination of their goalkeeper Dustin Junkier for the German Olympic team: We all, everyone, Dustin themselves, are very disappointed with this decision, but they must accept and respect them, The club announced on his own Twitter account. Contrary to different speculation, ‘beam’ would have been very happy to have been there at the Olympic Tournament and has given everything.

Grizzlys-manager Karl-Heinz Fly on said the SportsBuzz about the decision of national coach Toni Söderholm: That hurts, with a view of the player and the work of our organization, especially the goalkeeper Clark Nickel in the previous year and Jonas Forster in this. ‘Beam’ has been very strong for a year, was a guarantee for the gain of Germany Cup.

Fliegauf criticizes Söderholm’s communication

Fliegauf is one of the most influential managers in German ice hockey and said to the address of the national train: I appreciate Toni Söderholm, but in this matter I would have wanted more fingertips. Fliegauf raises the Finn, since Germany Cup in November no longer talked to Retrain. If you do not plan with him for Olympia, would have been able to tell him earlier, said the 61-year-old.

Söderholm had appointed the three goalkeepers Mathias Niederberger (Eisner Mannheim), Felix Brockman (ETC Red Bull Munich) in the German squad for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing on Tuesday. Especially from the birch, keeper in winning the silver medal of 2018, this season was sporting in the criticism. For example, Top Team Munich had recently had a Beckman with the Norwegian Henrik Haugeland on goalkeeping position.