Fortnite: What are Klombo and where are you?

In chapter 3 Season 1 of Fortnite you meet on the map now on Combos , huge lizard four-legged friends. You will learn in this guide:

  • What clubs are and what you can
  • Where you can find the animals in Fortnite

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What are Combos?

The gigantic creatures are reminiscent of a much too large OM not from the mobile-Game Cut the Rope. However, despite the big bigotries that decorate the mouths of the Combos, they are actually quite peaceful beings . They are famous over the Fortnite map, always looking for food.

But even the most peaceful animal snaps out at some point, if you provoked it too much. Then, however, you should take your legs in your hand and looking for the width. Otherwise, you will lose to you, loving to trample and apply with mucus balls.

You should use much more to use the Combos in direct struggle with other players. Jumps on the flaky creatures and crawls from the cock up towards the head. As with marine mammals there is a blow hole that catapults you in the air if you are right above. So you should be persecuted, uses this opportunity to escape from the breadth situation.


Speaking of Blowhole: This opening in the head of the animals is like a small wound neck. Combos eat everything that falls in front of Maul – and can spit it in improved version again. Try it: Throw yours in your weapons in front of your feet. The Colombo will suck you, transform and puff at least as a rare weapon or better again!

Here you will find the Combos in Fortnite

Combos can be found everywhere on the Fortnite map. We can not call you en a spawnpunkt, where you are guaranteed to meet the gentle giants. There are also more spawn points as actual animals on the map. So you have nothing left to be left than to open your eyes. With a little luck, you run directly in front of your feet.

But you have good chances but near waters – such as rivers or lakes. There we have at least encountered the huge lizards when we searched them.

But there are also reports that other players are rather encountered in the interior of the Colombo. Already at the landing approach to an area you can see if you can peek a Colombo. Due to their size you can make you out of a certain height.

In addition to Combos you will also find liberties in Fortnite . They grow on shrubs, of whom you can pick them. Throw a fruit to the four-legged friends to the breath, and they will overthrow themselves. Because if Combos likes to do one, then it’s to eat around the clock! In return, the huge cases can be recognized by recognizing an item from her blowing hole. With rods, you can also erase wild clubs.

Or your eat the berries just! You restore several hit and tote points within two seconds. In this sense: Bon appétit!

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