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After Activision Takeover: Xbox wants cult

After the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Xbox does not just want to concentrate on Call of Duty and Co. Instead, Microsoft also wants to give older franchises and fan favorites a new opportunity.

After the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft, the focus of the gaming industry has inevitably laid itself on the largest franchises of the publisher. Especially Call of Duty, Overwatch and Diablo dominated the headlines . Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now explained that at the takeover, especially the smaller ranks and cult games from recent years irritate him.

Xbox boss interested in games classics

In an interview with the Washington Post, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that he is by no means interested in the great ranks from the Activision Trevor only. Instead, he also did franchises, who are already waiting for a new chance for a long time on the siding.

We hope that we will be able to work with them when the deal goes over the stage and make sure we have the resources to work on franchises, which I still love my childhood and the teams really want to have. I am looking forward to these conversations. I think it’s really about making resources available and to increase skills, Spencer said. (Source: Washington Post)

In the same interview, Spencer performed as an example, among other things, the Activision Franchises King’s Quest, Guitar Hero and Witch .


Activision Blizzard: More than just Call of Duty

Through the Activision acquisition, could potentially return older ranks to the limelight and receive a second chance that would otherwise have not been granted. Activision, in contrast, had more subordinate individual studios such as Toys for Bob to the development of Call of Duty, in recent months, instead of continuing to work on smaller franchises.

Show you in our video, which means the Activision Takeover by Xbox:

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated that smaller cult franchises are given a new opportunity through the Activision Takeover. The billion-deal should not focus on the mega franchises like Call of Duty or Overwatch.