Official Blizzard communique after the purchase of Microsoft: “Our priority is to rebuild trust”

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is not only the news of the week, but probably the year. In the days after the advertisement, information regarding may occur in the future , and although we have already had several statements from Xbox, from the other party we have even more reactions.


On this occasion, from Blizzard Entertainment have wanted to go out to the Palestra with an official shared statement on its website. In it, they make clear their intentions through a text that signs Mike Ybarra, head of Blizzard. The main objective? Rebuild trust in the company and create a better work culture.

We want to work in the most solidary and safe environment possible Mike Ybarra 2021 was a challenge for all of us. As people, we care about treating all those around us with respect and dignity . As professionals, We care deeply by our projects and we want to work in the most solidarity and safe environment, says Ybarra at the beginning. Our priority for now and for the future is to rebuild your confidence in Blizzard.

Success and reward will depend directly on our own general success when creating a safe work environment , inclusive and enhance creativity in Blizzard. We are dedicating many resources to improve our culture. Next, Ybarra has begun to enumerate different Leaders profiles with which the study will count. He talks about a cultural leader who will help them maintain the best characteristics they have, an organizational leader in human resources to promote a positive work environment and another focused solely on empowering diversity, equity and inclusion.

He assures that they will begin to provide staff to all those profiles within the Company and promise a firm responsibility in cases of unacceptable behavior, with consequences that will be applied to all types of employees, including leaders and directive . In the same way, they are committed to improving their percentages of representation at an internal level and have launched a program to evaluate the management that the higher charges make.

These actions are just the start of the work that Blizzard has ahead, the statement continues. I am motivated and excited by the fact of working directly on the construction of the best environment for our teams, which allows them to carry out their visions.

We have an incredible 2022 ahead Mike Ybarra We also know that we must bring new content to our players more regularly, as well as innovate both in our existing games and those that will come. We have some exciting things to be announced And I will share more about it next week. I want to thank our communities and our incredible teams their dedication and guidance, something that will always be the star to guide us. We have an incredible 2022 ahead, concludes Ybarra.

We are waiting, therefore, to know what are the novelties that are prepared to announce in the coming days referring to their most outstanding games. Although, above all, we hope that fulfill its commitments to solve the situation of hostile work culture that employees still suffer from the company. At the moment, we know that the maximum leader of him, Bobby Kotick , will continue in the company as CEO until the operation is resolved, when he probably abandon the position of him.

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