Huhu: Segan Judgment

According to Japanese Nikkei Sendai, the JUDGMENT series would be a television series.

According to the publication, the SEGA detective and lawyer game would be developed as a serial TV in TV ASSIST company. Another source of Nikkei Sendai has told that the same subject would also be planned for a film project.

An interesting point in a luminous project is the main part of it. For the main roles, according to the speeches, Tanya Timur , the Japanese actor and pop star, whose look judgment are based on the salami detective. Timur also works as a character’s original voice actor.

Judgment and the postgraduate part Lost Judgment focuses on Kabuki Salami, and this detective agency. This is a sin off in the yakuza gaming series, with its ideas in the same environments.

Timur, on the other hand, is a popular Japanese actor who is familiar to the public from many series and movies. Operating a man as a voice actor in howl’s Moving Castle Film. Prior to these actions, Timur was a member of the MAP in the MAP.

An official comment on the series Taxi from the film is not at the time of writing the news.

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