Buy PS5: today probably new drop at Amazon, showed hints

The chances are good, that you can buy a PS5 today . As our colleagues of PC Games Hardware reports, some insider information appeared on, according to which Amazon Germany allegedly prepared for this week another sales of the PS5. Meanwhile, the notes have been compacted.

Buy PS5 today at Amazon Germany?

From current information pointing out that the new selling shaft at Amazon Germany is well on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, between 9:00 and 12:00 should take place. For earlier actions of this kind, a kind of sales window for the PS5 opened in the respective period, which closes after 15 to 30 minutes. Accordingly, it is advisable to put the PS5 as a precautionary time for the personal shopping list.

The evidence of an upcoming drop had already shown increasingly in the younger past. For example, the product pages of the PS5 offers recently refused to have the indication that Prime members have a priority access to the PlayStation 5 (Buy €850.00 now). This addition was not on the pages in recent weeks. If you do not have a Prime Account, you can test a free 30-day subscription from Amazon Prime.

Alternatives to Amazon for the PS5 purchase

It is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the other great dealers. In addition, you currently have the opportunity to use a PS5 with a little luck as part of a raffle on eBay. Furthermore, a new sales action at PlayStation Direct seems to be aimed at.

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