PS5 buy: New bundle at Amazon, sale in Conrad

Also in the calendar week 3 of the year 2022 it is anything but just buying a PS5 . While there is currently the opportunity to win a PlayStation 5 in an action of eBay, but in trade it looked relatively bleak with regard to replenishment deliveries. But it now seems to do something again.

New PS5 bundle at Amazon

Thus, Amazon Germany recently recorded a bundle in its offer. It is a package that includes both a disc edition of the PS5 and the Action Adventure Horizon: Forbidden West. On top of that there is a 1-month membership at the online service PlayStation Now. How much this bundle will cost, however, is not known.

There is currently no information on when the PS5 package will be available at Amazon Germany. However, since the release of Horizon: Forbidden West is planned for February 22, 2022, it should also be available around this appointment. As a marginal note remains to be noted that at Amazon Germany with regard to the PS5 (Buy Now €949,00) once again. There may be a new drop soon away from the bundle.

PS5 buy at Conrad

With a little luck, you can already get a PS5 in inpatient action today. Like Gameswirtschaft reports T, took place in recent days in the branches of Conrad. Sometimes, depending on the location, individual specimens are still available today. How the editors of PC Games has learned about telephone demand, but this does not apply to the branch in Frankfurt.

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