“I want to bring a list of BAN users to other Internet services” -fill spencer talks about Xbox

The top of the Xbox sector, Phil Spencer answered the situation surrounding Xbox in New York Times interview.

Spencer has recently been prevalent in interview, Met averse, We will learn to have your own individuality by appearance and nickname, as we are fair and fairness, with appearance and nickname, in the virtual space. Met averse emphasizes that Met averse is on the game world extension.

He looked backward when Corona was given in the business side, and it was noted that I was not expected to increase the demand for game demand, initially said, I was chased by the support of the Punk network. And he said, The supply volume itself is throughout, but the demand is above that, said Xbox Series X | S, etc. He said, Don’t prepare a large amount of stock for resellers and its bots, but we are working on 24 hours an employee to reach a real customer’s hand.

About Xbox Cloud currently working on your company is I want to play XBOX beyond a framework such as a smartphone, tablet, TV. Unlike traditional streaming, such as Netflix, it is a big difference that there is a big difference that there is a big difference in the game traditional options as not only for subscriptions, says Demand for discs is strong. It is to sell.

About the Xbox Live’s vandalism and political activities, he positioned Xbox as not the platform for freedom of sponsor, but for video game to the video game. In recent years, conversation moderation software owned by Two Hat Co., Ltd. software Community SIFT and conversation AI, etc., and measures a warning message or preparing a report button for conversation beyond a certain line I want to bring up a list of BAN’s and blocked users to other network services such as Discord in the future.

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