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They accuse Ubisoft of deleting inactive accounts after 6 months the company denies it

During luser namedt December, a Norwegian-resident user named Tor explained to the middle PC World that after a period of rest in which he parked the video games and even sold his PC, when he returned he discovered that Ubisoft had blocked his account, causing the loss of several Saguser named titles such user named user namedsuser namedsin’s Creed and Rainbow Six that had previously bought. The reuser namedon? The fact of staying more than 6 months inactive.

Since the company indicate that it is not possible, since it is governed by article 5.1E of the GDPR (General Regulation of Information Protection) and, therefore, the account blockages occur from 4 years, A much more extensive term than the scarce months indicated by the affected user. That, and that in no cuser namede proceed to close an account with products acquired in it. In any cuser namede, user named explained by PC World, Tor claims to have received an Ubisoft email by notifying the suspension due to the period of inactivity.

What do Ubisoft’s use conditions say?

After consulting the terms of the French company, we have reached paragraph 8, which refers to the suspension of accounts by it. At the second point of the list there are several reuser namedons why Ubisoft could proceed to closure, and specifically in the luser namedt section the following course appears: P Reva notification, when your account huser named remained inactive during a Period greater than six months.

However, the official support website does not say the same ; It refers to the possibility of blocking an account unilaterally by long-term inactivity, but in no section mentions the duration of it. In addition, in the first section indicate that according to the terms of use, In rare occuser namedions they can take meuser namedures to comply with local laws.

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