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Max Payne is a triplet of capturing in third person and 3D atmosphere established for Microsoft Windows by Finnish firm Remedy Entertainment, composed by Sam Lake, created by 3D Realms as well as released by Event of Programmers in July 2001. The video game was likewise taken to Various other systems such as Xbox, PlayStation 2, Macintosh and Video Game Young Boy Breakthrough. You likewise had to intend a variation for Dream cast, yet it was terminated for reasons that are unknown.

Call of Duty.. They SADLY are Doing This ????

Remedy Entertainment is a studio that supplied the world a series of Max Payne, but also Alan Wake, or Control. They agreed with Tencent to create a new, network shooter — not a competition, only cooperative. What’s interesting, this developer has already helped another Chinese corporation, because a few years ago they worked together with delegate at Crossfire 2. What this time will this come out?

Remedy Entertainment with Tencent will create a multiplayer game that is a cooperative shooter EVE. Its working name is Vanguard and confirmed that the whole will be maintained on the Free-to-Play model and will be based on the original IP Remedy. Production will be available on PC and consoles, and act on Unreal Engine. With time, the shooter will also receive its mobile version.

Remedy is not famous for creating games in the style of Game-AS-A-SERVICE and it will be their first title of this type. Plans is the addition of multiplayer spin-off to Control, as well as a new game for Epic Games. As you can see, the studio is actively working on subsequent production. Their Vanguard is currently still in the early stage of creation. It is worth adding that Tencent will not affect the development of production, and instead it will deal with publishing issues in Asia.

You can find more information here. Unfortunately, no trailer or gameplay has.