SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer Update 1 2 2 Patchnotizen Carlos Hurtado

Update 1.2.2 has arrived for SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer, and here is a list of all changes and corrections added in this update. This update is small, but that does not mean that it does not make sense. The patch manages to make several optimizations and small additions to the game, so experienced players will notice a difference at the next game. Here’s all new in the SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer Update 1.2.2.

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer Update 1.2.2 Catholics

Chinese language added
French language added
Particles and Decals in the game for optimization added
Workshop and server scripts invite compiled script files only with.GSC or.GCC. Now you can use the main folder for files in the workshop.
New features for the workshop Added in scripts (drawing, objects)
Server prediction removed (will be available in new versions)
Added optimization for playing by SCPs
Game optimization added
Double extended description fixed
Language chat fixed
Collision with class D-Spawn fixed
Fixed that the archive key card does not match
The aspect ratio for the description has been corrected.
Fixed memory leak in the game
256 tick rate removed. Tick rate can only 2,4,8,16,32,64,128. Be
Now the workshop has full control over file changes and replaces or removes it if necessary
Improved workshop
Updated compiler
Sprint to SCP-106 removed
The commands FixedTimesteps, Delimit, ItemsraycastCollision, FixedTimesteps were added to Game.ini Server Configuration. Recommended time steps recommend 1.


Foreign players will appreciate this update very much. The languages ​​Chinese and French were added so that now more players can play their favorite game in their native language. In addition to these language extensions, the developers have made some optimizations regarding the performance and the visual effects of the game.

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer is now available on the PC. For more information about this update, visit the Official SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer Steam page.